Insulated Doors

Standard Specifications


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Doors shall be "Energy Saver" model insulated rolling service doors as manufactured by Acme Rolling Steel Door Corporation-Ridgefield, NJ (800) 281-5680.

Curtains: "Energy Saver" insulated doors include "Air Seal" weatherstripping package, Neoprene hood baffle attached to inside of hood, continuous extruded vinyl snap-on weatherstripping at guides and neoprene loop astragal to ensure tight contact with the sill and minimize air infiltration around entire perimeter of door.

Weatherstripping: "Air Seal" hood baffles are a combination of metal with neoprene edge attached to the inside of the hood providing weather tightness around the coil. The "Air Seal" door has a neoprene loop astragal which insures tight contact with the sill.

Operation: Doors to be chain hoist operated using gear reduction and galvanized handchain as standard. 

Available Options

"Energy Saver" insulated doors options include electric motor operators, safety edge on bottom bars, vision lites, optional primed exterior curtains, galvanized guides, continuous endlocks, windlocks, high cycle springs, slide bolt or cylinder locking on bottom bars, wicket doors and special windload requirements.




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