Counter Shutters




Counter Shutter: To be as manufactured by Acme Rolling Steel Door Corporation-Ridgefield, New Jersey. Call (800) 281-5680. Slats shall be minimum .050" thickness (galvanized steel 22 gauge), (stainless steel 22 gauge).

Curtain: To be formed from extruded aluminum "alloy 6063" flat slats. Height of slats 1 ¼" with a crown depth of 3/8". Slats shall be minimum .050" thickness, (galvanized steel 22 gauge), (stainless steel 22 gauge). Each end of slats to be furnished with endlocks. Bottom bar to be of matching finish.

Guides: To be of extruded aluminum "Alloy 6063" and to be fitted with wool pile stripping.


Counter Balance Assembly: Shall consist of a barrel and spring assembly to counter balance the weight of the door.

Brackets: Reinforced steel plates capable of supporting counter balance assembly, acting as an end closure and providing mounting for hood.

Hood: Aluminum .040" thickness (24 gauge galvanized steel), (24 gauge stainless steel) hood supports as needed to prevent excessive sag.

Locking Device: Doors equipped with slide bolts inside and lift handles.

Finishes: All aluminum with a 204 R1 clear anodized finish. Galvanized steel slats prime painted. Stainless steel with #4 finish. All other exposed ferrous surfaces to be factory primed.


Counter shutter options

Counter shutter options include: motor operator (consult factory), special finishes, cylinder locks, soffits & fascias. Guides may be of stainless steel (consult factory).




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